Recruitment can be tricky. We’ve all felt the pain of hiring the wrong people, and it’s such a headache for any company.

Our industries mis-hire rate is 65% with an average mis-hire cost of 1.3x the candidate's annual salary. 

We are proud of our 95% success rate and are SO confident, that we offer 6-12 month guaranteed free placements - x4 longer that most recruiters in our sector.

But why?!

Because we introduce our partners to top-quality passive talent who will bring you value and be a long term contributor to your project. We share the risk with our partners as we are confident of our candidate's success.
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    • ​​1 Talent Mapping: Finding the best on & off-market talent. Fill talent gaps faster, securing the top talent for a role before the vacancy even exists. Top performers are seldom on job boards - talent mapping is the solution.  
    • ​​​​2 Talent Partnering: The 'Bum on a seat' recruitment model is broken. Attract the best talent by partnering with a recruiter who believes in you and your business. TOP TIP - Find a partner who knows your sector and offers a proven alternative to job board candidates and a CV forwarding service.  
    • ​Recruitment Science: A CV is only the tip of the iceberg. All of our candidates are required to demonstrate their ability and hunger to work for our clients, which includes anything from a video cover letter to achieving impressive results on aptitude and ability tests. We identify people who have a passion for their industry and a shared vision with your business. Combining that with the science of finding top performers! 
    • ​​​4 Cultural Matchmaker: Matching top talent & businesses. Knowing how to find top candidates is not enough, you need a story. Your journey, branding, and company environment will all play an important role in creating your 'cultural profile'. We aim to match candidates and clients with complementary cultures. This minimises the risk of mis-hires and often greatly extends the life cycle of candidates to well over the property industries’ 2 year average.
    How do we do this?

    Well, we ask for a lot more from our candidates than just a plain old CV. We understand that a piece of paper won’t determine the suitability between a candidate and a client, so we utilize other measures to put our candidates under the lens, and ensure we bring you the right people.
    Candidates must d​ emonstrate t​ heir hunger and ability, showcasing these traits in the form of a video cover letter, as well as show an impressive performance in aptitude and ability tests.

    We’ll even piece together a ‘cultural profile’ on your company; looking at the finer details of you, your journey, and your company environment so we can partner you with someone who suits your company and can fit right in.

    Did you know that 90% of global professionals are interested in new job opportunities, but only 36% are actively looking for them? We’ll dive deep to reach these talent pools that are previously untouched; bringing you a market of talent you didn’t know existed.

    This method of recruitment has served our clients very well. Collectively, our clients have saved more than £1 million working with us when compared to the average mishire rate in the sector.
    Not to mention that many successful candidates we recruit for our clients significantly outlast the industry average, staying for 4-5 years versus the average 2 years.

    But hey, don’t take our word for it! Just listen to the delighted reviews from our clients if you need any further proof that we know exactly what we’re doing.
    We are so good that you need an appointment, and we are so confident in what we do that we want you to book one!

    Let us take away the stress of recruitment for you, and bring you the best candidates for the roles you are looking for.
    Get in touch, and begin your journey to building the perfect workforce for your company.
    Who are the FIA?
    The FIA is a member-only network of like-minded independent estate agents who gain a competitive advantage by utilising corporate style commercial discounts together with franchise grade support.

    Kind words...

    Bryan Mansell: Owner  | The Allstar Group

    " Phil spends significant time working out the real details of the companies cultures and the sort of impact that the right people would make for them, then finds the right people to fit that culture, which for me, is exactly the right was forward and something the industry really, really needs. "

    Mark Worrall: Founder & CEO  | Love2Move

    "Having met Phil recently I was immediately impressed by his knowledge of the property market and his willingness to share that knowledge. Phil spoke at an event I attended and offered brilliant content on PropTech that was expertly delivered! Phil continued to share that knowledge during the networking segment of the event and it's clear this industry is his passion as well as his profession. 
    Following our meeting, I listened to the Number 1 Property Group Podcast Phil hosts and I would recommend anyone in the industry heads over to Soundcloud and listen to a few episodes, the content is both educational and informative"

    Nick Fewkes: Director  | CBRE UK & Europe

    "Having worked with a number of recruitment agencies over the years, it is refreshing to know there are still individuals who are innovative, proactive and reliable in helping you to achieve your requirements.
    Working with Philip Pelucha on a number of appointments in the UK and continental Europe recently, some of which have been challenging both from a time perspective and identifying suitable candidates, it was reassuring to know following the detailed brief, Philip took total ownership of the objective and successfully delivered on all accounts.
    A true professional in his field, Philip is definitely a point of contact for recruitment that I will be approaching again for future requirements."

    Matthew Mozley: New Business Director  | Altius Group 

    "Having worked with Phil for over 5 years, he is my recruiter of choice. Consistantly attracting the best candidiates from the market, he has an ability to identify talent and build strong relationships - clients and candidates alike trust Phil. Phil was retained by my former employer to help us to grow our business which he successfully and consistently did over numerous years. 
    Having joined Altius group late 2018, tasked with some exciting and aggressive growth plans, we too have retained Phil and his teams services to help us find top talent to fuel that growth."

    Robert Yates: Sales Manager  | Business Buyers

    "I’ve been a sales manager for over 6 years and I have always struggled with quality recruitment. I believe this is one of the most fundamental parts of running a department. 
    I was introduced to Phil less than a year ago, since instructing his services to assist my department with recruitment, the company has strengthened/been flawless ever since. With great communication and quality staff, my department and team has been running at its best. Strongly recommended.."

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